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Our Mission

Bluestem Network was founded on the premise that internet delivered via fiber and high-speed broadband are critical for communities to attract the people and businesses who will drive their future growth. It’s our goal to deliver fiber network services so community leaders of all stripes can control their own destiny.

Our Values

With that purpose in mind, Bluestem has focused on fostering a company culture in which team members are recruited and rewarded for embracing the following three core values:

A passion for excellence
At our core, we believe that work worth doing is worth doing right. We want our team members to be focused on not only completing the job at hand, but taking the time to get to the root of the problem to fix it once and for all. We are never satisfied with doing the bare minimum and you’ll never hear us say, “close enough.” Instead, we want our work and service to elicit a “Wow!” from our customers and humble pride in our team members’ hearts.
Always improving
Our pride comes from the humble understanding that excellence in any endeavor is found in the ongoing journey to find a better way. Our team is continuously working to improve our work, and frankly, ourselves. Whether it be examining better ways to deliver cloud solutions or faster ways to deploy fiber to small communities, we are not satisfied with the status quo. That extends to our team as well—every quarter team members are paid to try something new for their own betterment outside of work. We are a team that is committed to constantly improving.
Team above self
We are, first and foremost, a team. The connection of communities and the cloud is not driven by feats of individual brilliance, but by the fluid interplay of people working together on projects for a greater good. We seek out teammates who understand this dynamic. We celebrate the efforts of people who have each other’s backs. We go the extra mile for our teammates because that’s what teammates do. Fiber networks are built by teams of people. The cloud is in essence a team of data pools and processors seamlessly connected to serve you. We are Bluestem Network.

Our Story

Bluestem Network provides fiber-to-the-home and business internet to underserved communities across the Midwest. Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, Bluestem Network was founded on the premise that broadband internet connectivity delivered via fiber, at a reasonable price and available to the entire community, is no longer a luxury item but is the key to building a vibrant, growing community. Fiber connectivity is the essential ingredient for serving the communication, commercial, governmental, educational and entertainment needs for cities of all sizes.

Fiber connectivity is the platform for building next generation businesses that will thrive and scale going forward. The growth of cloud computing, crowdsourcing, precision agriculture, the Internet of Things and AI are all dependent on economies of scale generated by leveraging connectivity to a large network of resources. The digital transformation of rural business is driven by connecting innovators to resources and customers. Our job is to create and support the network that facilitates the ingenuity of today’s pioneers to build the future.

Our core purpose is to build connections to enhance communities. We recognize the opportunity to do this by building fiber networks to support civic growth in the 34,000 underserved small town communities across the country. We are committed to extending that opportunity to businesses and nonprofit communities by delivering solutions to help them connect within their company, vendor and customer networks.

Our name comes from our roots in the Midwest. The Big Bluestem and Little Bluestem prairie grasses, indigenous to the plains, grow by sending out runners that support and generate new plants as the grass spreads. These plants, unassuming individually, together formed a stout network that was largely responsible for the formation of the famous prairie sod that held the ecosystem together. Our team at Bluestem Network aspires to embody that ruggedness everywhere we build.

Our Team

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