Post COVID-19 internet access

Internet services for Milford, Pleasant Dale, and Seward

Whether you have suddenly become part of a work-from-home team and need fast, reliable Internet service or perhaps you’ve discovered that you don’t have enough bandwidth at your home or business, Bluestem Network can help and help quickly.

Internet services

New customers
  • Deferring or waiving installation charges for residential customers depending on location and contract term
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The Seward and Milford communities
  • Free wireless access

  • In the area near our office at 510 Bradford Street in Seward

  • In the park area south of the Library in Milford
Not in your area?

We are committed to extending our gigabit-speed fiber Internet to areas in need and would like your help in planning our expansion. To prioritize the delivery of fiber to your home, please indicate your interest by contacting us.

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